Home Service

Although the company has grown, we have not eased our demands for high quality, information and services which must be a priority. Our goal is to offer a quality service and take responsibility for the work we do.

Our Home Service is your security when you're in your home country and when you and your family are in your holiday home. We have long experince with our work. At Olympos Homes we have a team of carefully vetted and security checked, trained, local cleaners to take care of your home's cleaning and laundry needs. We pride ourselves on providing a personalised quality cleaning service for each individual client.

Our experienced staff treat your home as if it were their own. We carry out control visit in your home open all windows, flush all water installations, control electric installations, air conditioning, any damage and what else you might wish us to do.

We empty your mailbox, pay your bills, and contact local craftsmen if necessary. We clean and prepare your home before your arrival, arrange transfers to and from the airport and fill up your refrigerator before you arrive if requested. We are available for you, your family and possibly guests 24 hours a day, before, during and after your vacationaccording to following.

Home Services for 2018 is 60 EURO and includes the following services:

• Washing Balconies and/or Terraces
• Washing Handrails, and reachable windowsills
• Washing the floors inside the house/flat where applicable (ie. kitchen, bathroom etc.)
• Hoovering the carpets/floors where applicable
• Thorough cleaning of wet areas of the house/flat (kitchen, toilet, bathroom etc.)
• Cleaning, dusting, and polishing of all surfaces
• Dusting and cleaning of the furniture
• Cleaning windows, frames etc.
• Tidying up the whole house/flat

With our home cleaning service you can make sure your property in Turkey always remains clean for your next trip to Turkey.

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